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Vehicle air conditioning service involves repairing and servicing, which helps you eliminate foul odours and poor cooling performance. GMP Autos offers trusted and reliable services for car air conditioning in Birmingham, including car AC cleaning, car air conditioning regas, leak repair, and compressor repair. Having experience repairing vehicles of all makes and models, we provide premium services to ensure customer satisfaction.

Why Do You Need Car Air Conditioning?

Car air conditioning service can be regularly done for continuous health checks, allowing you to identify potential issues beforehand and avoiding costly future repairs. The following are some of the causes which require you to hire specialist services:

Natural Gas Loss

There can be a natural loss of gas from your vehicle’s air conditioning system during the winter months due to a lack of regular servicing. We undertake the de-misting process to ensure all the seals remain moist in cold periods.

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The problem of leakage can occur when hoses and pipe work become loose, and condensers corrode over time due to the presence of gritting salts. We track the leakage point and undertake necessary repairs to resolve the issue, preventing further damage.

Electrical Faults

Air conditioning systems can stop working due to problematic cables, fuses, relays, and switches. Our experts ensure to repair all the problems to make the air conditioning system function properly.

Residual Moisture

As time advances, the freshness of your vehicle’s air conditioning system becomes compromised, which leads to unpleasant odours. These odours are also caused due to residual moisture within its ventilation system even after the AC has been turned off, leading to mould and mildew growth with nasty smells.

Services We Provide

Our technicians diagnose the air conditioning-related issues at your convenience. We identify the problem and devise the best possible solution, restoring your AC’s condition.

Being industry experts, we provide services which include but are not limited to:

AC Recharge or Regas

We add a precise amount of new gas or refrigerant during recharging or regassing the air conditioning system based on the recommended levels given by manufacturers.

Bacterial and Odour Removal

Our specialists remove all harmful microorganisms and bad odours from your vehicle’s AC and ventilation system, undertaking specialised treatment and eliminating infection concerns.

How It Works

These few steps will help you understand how our service works

Leak Repair

We offer specialist treatment for repairing the air conditioning’s leakage issues, adding a permanent seal in metal parts and components to stop gas leakage.

Deep Cleaning

We undertake full system checks, sanitise, and de-odour the air conditioning system with deep cleaning. After cleaning it, we also replace the pollen filter to prevent dust, fumes, plant particles, fungus, pollen, spores, etc., from entering.

We Offer One Stop Solution

We offer versatile solutions with effective diagnostics and repairs, taking care of all car components, including:

  • Struts
  • Shocks
  • Ball Joints
  • Springs
  • Tie Rod Ends
  • And Many More ….

GMP Autos for Complete Repair Solutions

  • A complete repair range for all makes and models.
  • 12-month nationwide warranty.
  • Specialist computer diagnostic equipment for full health check.
  • Only Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and manufacturer warranty-approved parts fitting.
  • Quality services with the best workmanship guaranteed.

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1234YF is a new air conditioning gas with a lower potential of greenhouse warming, due to which it is considered an environmentally friendly option.

You should run your vehicle’s air conditioner for at least 10 minutes weekly to allow oil to reach all seals and prevent drying and shrinking issues. This way, you can lubricate the compressor’s moving parts and keep them in complete working order.

According to the manufacturers, it is advised to get your AC recharged every 2 years; however, this time duration can be reduced or increased based on servicing frequency. There can be a natural loss of gas from the system or leakage issues due to which the system gets drained quickly, requiring gas recharge more often.

Your vehicle’s air conditioner is a sealed system which requires regular maintenance to detect and resolve potential issues, such as leakage problems, compressor failure, etc.