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GMP Autos is a registered and approved garage for Mercedes servicing. Our workshop is equipped with cutting-edge, Mercedes-approved equipment to ensure the most thorough and intricate Mercedes servicing in Birmingham (B1) for every client.

Our technicians are trained specialists in dealing with Mercedes repairs and regular maintenance. They are decorated with years of industry experience and execute meticulous servicing for your German vehicle. Book your servicing with us now!

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How Do We Carry It Out?

GMP Autos is an approved independent Mercedes specialist in Birmingham, offering both A and B-type services. Below are the details of what you can expect from these packages:

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Service A Checklist

Service A is the first tune-up of your Mercedes after you took ownership of the car. It is recommended to be performed immediately after achieving the 10,000km mark or 1 year of ownership, whichever comes first. Here is what our Mercedes car service A includes:

  • Tyre inflation and condition checks
  • Safety catches, horn and light checks
  • AdBlue replenishment for diesel engines
  • Brake component inspection
  • Wiper and washer system check
  • Cabin dust filter replacement
  • Filter and motor oil replacement
  • Resetting maintenance indicator
  • Remote key battery replacement
  • All fluid checks and correction

Service B Checklist

Mercedes recommends performing the service every 40,000 km or after two years. It includes a thorough inspection of the car that includes the following:

  • Filter and oil change
  • Checking tyre sealant’s expiration date
  • Suspension, driveline and steering checks
  • Inspection for major assembly leaks
  • Cabin filter replacement
  • Checking and correcting headlamp settings
  • Checking seatbelts and buckles for damages
  • Checking poly belt condition
  • Tyre rotation checks
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How It Works

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Additional Services

  • Multipoint inspections
  • Software updating
  • Mercedes transmission service
  • Glass repair or replacement
  • Electric vehicle services
  • Battery replacement
  • Mercedes MOT repair
  • Brake pads/rotors replacement
  • Warranty and recall work
  • Mercedes diagnostic

Why GMP Autos?

GMP Autos is a Mercedes-approved garage in Birmingham. We surpass our competitors in many aspects, including the following:

Modern Workshop

Our workshop is a state-of-the-art facility that accommodates high-tech instruments and tooling that are specifically designed for Mercedes repairs and diagnostics. Our team comprises highly skilled specialists who are particularly trained to work on your German vehicle.

Access to the Mercedes History Portal

Being a registered workshop, we have direct access to the Mercedes service history portal, which allows us to update your car’s service record as soon as it is carried out to keep your service history up to date.

Your Mercedes Warranty

We have some of the top mechanics who are equipped with cutting-edge equipment. Furthermore, we only use original equipment or original manufacturer parts to carry out Mercedes servicing to protect your car’s warranty.

Certified Technicians

We house certified Mercedes mechanics in Birmingham with years of industry experience to ensure a meticulous service for your vehicle.


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GMP Autos is an authorised garage for Mercedes servicing in Birmingham. We house a team of trained mechanics offering a complete range of Mercedes maintenance and repair services. Our workshop is outfitted with the latest equipment for Mercedes servicing. Contact us or visit our website to book your appointment now.


A car’s MOT refers to the safety checks for a car that the Ministry of Transport introduced in 1960 to ensure the roadworthiness of the vehicle through different procedures.

A Mercedes service includes a thorough inspection and correction of every aspect, including oil and filter changes, fluid level correction, transmission and brake checks, etc.

We are an authorised auto service & tuning centre in Birmingham that utilises original equipment and manufacturer parts to carry out Mercedes servicing while protecting its warranty.

Yes, we are providing repair and maintenance services for Mercedes vehicles too.