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Many car owners are unaware that their vehicles can perform better than they currently do. ECU remapping is an effective solution to enhance your car’s efficiency and power. At GMP Autos, our expert team specialises in optimising your vehicle’s performance by safely removing manufacturer-imposed limitations on power and fuel efficiency.

Our tailored car remapping in Birmingham involves reprogramming the car’s onboard computer to improve power settings and fuel economy. We customise the modifications specific to your vehicle, ensuring all adjustments are thoroughly checked and verified.

No matter the size of your car, our skilled technicians can unlock its full potential. Whether you seek increased speed, enhanced power, or improved fuel efficiency, we can help.

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All-Encompassing Car Remapping Services

Vehicle Diagnosis

We recognise that today’s vehicles are essentially sophisticated computers on wheels and that diagnosing issues in modern cars can be complex. However, our advanced diagnostic tools allow us to deliver top-tier solutions.

Mileage Correction

Our specialists employ state-of-the-art mileage correction technology to accurately restore your vehicle’s instrument cluster to its original value. We cater to all makes and models, including the latest releases, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Vehicle Coding

We offer cutting-edge car coding services to augment your vehicle’s functionality. By making software modifications, we unlock features that were embedded in your car but remain inaccessible. Our expertise allows us to activate these hidden features, providing you with a more advanced and personalised driving experience.

Key Programming

At GMP Autos, our car key programming services guarantee that your key functions correctly and securely in accordance with the ignition and ECU immobiliser. We provide cost-effective solutions, ensuring you receive quality service without the high price tag.

Comprehensive Car Tuning Services

Utilising our authentic, licenced tools, we can expertly remap both petrol and diesel engines as well as automatic transmissions. Our services include Economy Remaps, Performance Remaps, DSG Tuning, and more, ensuring your vehicle performs at its best.

How It Works

These few steps will help you understand how our service works

List of Vehicles We Remap

We offer various smart vehicle remapping services in Birmingham, catering to diverse vehicles, including:

  • Audi
  • BMW
  • BMW Mini
  • Volkswagen

All releases of Mercedes, including Maybach

Process of Car Remapping at GMP Autos

Step 1: Our ECU car remapping process utilises the vehicle’s OBD port for the services, with most of our work leaving no visible trace or need for additional components.

Step 2: Using specialised equipment, we read and copy the original data stored in the ECU’s chip (EPROM).

Step 3: We then reprogram it with new and optimised data. These data maps, which control key aspects like fueling, ignition timing, and boost, are adjusted to enhance engine performance.

Engine remapping not only boosts engine performance but also improves throttle response, drivability, and fuel economy. For specific performance gains, get in touch.

Potential Benefits of ECU Remapping

If you’re considering an ECU remap, here are some compelling advantages:

Customisation Options

Remaps are fully customisable to suit your driving needs. You can have multiple remap settings, allowing you to switch between them based on different terrains and driving conditions.

Enhanced Power and Torque 

Remapping removes manufacturer-set limitations, allowing for precise adjustments based on your local conditions, such as altitude and fuel quality. This fine-tuning boosts power and torque output.

Improved Performance and Drivability

An ECU remap enhances your vehicle’s overall performance and drivability, making it easier and more enjoyable to drive. Typically, performance gains can be as much as 40%.

Better Fuel Efficiency

By optimising fuel control, ECU remapping improves miles per gallon, maximising your fuel efficiency and saving you money.

Increased Throttle Response

Remapping sharpens engine responsiveness and throttle response, ensuring your vehicle performs efficiently and effectively.

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While remapping can increase engine stress, it is generally safe if your car is well-maintained. Keep in mind that higher power gains from a remap can impact reliability, so regular maintenance is crucial to ensure long-term performance.

Engine remapping costs vary based on the level of performance enhancement.

Stage 1: Light reprogramming for a modest performance boost, typically costing a few hundred pounds.

Stage 2: Involves additional modifications, such as a new air filter and exhaust improvements, costing around £1,000 or more.

Stage 3: Extensive upgrades, including new turbo systems and internal engine components, costing several thousand pounds.

You can reach GMP Autos at Unit 22a, Pope Street, Smethwick B66 2JP. For inquiries, you can contact us via phone at 07956 088808 or 01215653038 or email at gmpautos@hotmail.com. Our opening hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM and from 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM on Saturday.