How Long Does a Battery Last If Unused? | GMP Autos

How Long Does a Battery Last If Unused? | GMP Autos

Your car battery starts your vehicle; it plays a vital role in your daily routine if you depend on your vehicle to get you anywhere, whether you are commuting to work or transporting children to and from school. More people than ever now encounter the unseemly incident of having to discover their car failing to start because of the dead battery, which is downright frustrating, especially when you have so much to look to during the start of the day.

In order to help you have a better understanding of your car battery, we will tell you how long it may go unused, how long its lifespan is, and how you can take care of your battery so that it doesn’t get flat.

How Long Can We Leave a Car Battery Unused?

This is a common concern among many, especially when we aren’t driving as much. Much depends on the battery’s condition. If your car battery is somewhat new and in a good state, it should be capable of keeping enough charge to start your vehicle for roughly two weeks.

If you have left your car unattended for more than two weeks, you will most likely require professional guidance. Keep in mind that if your battery has died, your brakes may have experienced corrosion if they’ve been damp for an extended period of time without use.

Signs of Your Battery Getting Flat:

Although car batteries may not usually offer drivers an obvious sign that they are about to fail, there are a few things to look out for. Any competent mechanic will testify that some of these indicators include:

  • Dimming headlights
  • Struggling to start in a cold weather
  • Unusual power fluctuations
  • More frequent need for revving

How Long Do Car Batteries Last?

Once more, this is dependent on a variety of other factors. Yet, you may expect your car battery to survive for 5 years on average. While this is considered the average, you may expect to get somewhat more or less from your battery; it primarily depends on the frequency of your car use, your frequency of conducting maintenance and checks on it, and how well your electrical system operates.

Easy Ways Keep Your Battery from Dying

How can you prevent your car battery from going flat? A battery can get flat for various reasons, most commonly because it hasn’t been used in two weeks or you’ve kept something electrical running for extended periods, for instance, you left headlights or radio on.

Here are some simple techniques you can consider to keep your battery from getting flat:

  • Use your car once a week at least for a 15-minute journey to get your battery charged a bit.
  • Get a trickle charger, which you can use to restore a small charge to your car battery; make sure you get the correct charger for your vehicle.
  • If you don’t use your car regularly, don’t keep a dashcam plugged in; this can drain your battery.
  • Be sure to switch off your lights when you are not driving.


Can a Car Battery Recharge Itself Overnight or Not?

Both working and dead car batteries cannot charge themselves. An external power source must always charge it.

Can Dead Batteries Be Charged?

Once a car battery has died, the alternator cannot recharge fully.

Does Driving a Car Recharge the Battery?

Most cars require approximately 30 minutes of driving at high speeds to recharge their batteries fully. Remember that the usual wait time is 30 minutes. If your battery is significantly depleted, it may take longer to recharge.

How Long Does a Car’s Battery Last?

Depending on driving and environmental conditions, the average automobile battery will survive between 500 and 1,000 charging cycles between three and five years. Although there is no way to make a car battery live forever, good maintenance can extend its lifespan as much as is feasible.