Towing a Car – Everything You Need to Know

Towing a Car – Everything You Need to Know

Towing a Car – Everything You Need to Know

Are you stranded on the side of the road with a car that just won’t budge and you realise that you need to tow your car. It is understandable that such situation can cause panic and confusion if you don’t know what to do. Our blog will focus on educating you on your option to go for in such situations and some useful tips that can make this procedure easier for you.

Types of Towing Methods

Let’s talk about the different types of towing to get you a little bit into the topic.

Towing with Straps:

The very first step that you need to ensure is that the tow strap is legal in your area, after which you will untangle the tow rope to lay it down in front of your vehicle. Do not forget to inspect if there are any rope damages, after which you will proceed to locate the “recovery point” on the body of your vehicle. Next, you need to fasten the hook of the rope on the recovery point of the defective vehicle to the back of the tow vehicle, which will pull it forward slowly.

Another tip is to lay a jacket or a blanket on the strap to reduce the whipping effect in case the strap gets broken.

Towing with Straps

Towing with a Dolly:

In case you get lucky enough to call a vehicle recovery service on time, some of the steps you need to ensure are attaching the tow dolly to the hitch of the tow vehicle and connecting the safety chains and wiring leads. Next, you need to line up the vehicle, dolly, and the defective vehicle on the ground; now drive the defective vehicle onto the tow dolly; disengage the parking brake in the defective vehicle, and you are ready to go, but make sure to double your expectations for braking and acceleration distances.

Loading a car on a Trailer:

The most reliable way of towing a car is with the help of a Trailer. For that, you need to fasten the trailer with the tow vehicle; after lining up the tow vehicle and trailer directly in front of the defective vehicle, pull the defective vehicle up onto the trailer. Secure the tyre straps with safety chains, and you are good to go.

Loading a car on a Trailer

Towing Safety Tips

Here are some towing tips that you need to keep in mind during this whole process:

  • The most important thing in such situations is to keep your nerves under control. As everything is destined to happen and has a solution as well, panicking and losing control won’t help in any way.
  • Inspecting the tow rope for any defects in case you are using it. It is important to replace it even if it has the slightest defects.
  • Do not forget to keep the ignition switch ‘on’ to withdraw the steering lock. Vehicles that have power steering brakes will require much more strength to operate when towed because, obviously, the engine won’t be working.
  • Drive gently, keeping the speed of your vehicle to a maximum of 30 km/hr. This will reduce the intensity of forces generated and give the driver being towed more time to adjust to the surroundings.
  • Avoid sudden braking; if you realise soon that you need to press the brake paddle, press it gently earlier than the need to actually brake. This will illuminate the lights, and the driver being towed will get plenty of time to manage.
  • Also, try not to suddenly change directions of your vehicle because the towed car has an unfunctional engine.
  • Activate your hazard lights so that people can see you in a problem, and keep your vehicle on the side of the road to keep your vehicle safe from any type of collision. Ask the locals to help you get a vehicle recovery service or contact the local police.
  • It is always best to prepare an emergency kit for the worst situations. Keep a kit prepared already in your vehicle containing a flashlight, spare tyres, jack and wrench, reflected lights, and a spare phone fully charged if you lose contact.

Towing Safety Tips

Some Helpful Towing Technologies

In this age of information, where technology is making its way everywhere, the towing industry is no stranger to it. With innovative technologies, car recovery companies are providing 24-hour assistance that is more efficient and dependable than ever before. Following is a list of some new innovations that are being used by towing industries.

  • GPS Tracking system
  • Digital dispatch systems
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Remote controlled towing

That is pretty much all which you need to know about Towing a car; we hope this will help you to get out of an unwanted situation.