What is a Car Valet ?

What is a Car Valet ?

Car valeting, also known as car detailing, is an essential service widely trusted by car owners for its numerous benefits. If you are a new car owner perplexed with the dilemma confused about whether to opt for car valeting, this blog is for you.

Read on to explore the various aspects of car valeting, its importance, and the expected costs for car valeting services in the UK in 2024.

What is a Car Valet Service?

Before jumping onto the services let’s, understand the core purpose of car valeting. It entails specialised services designed to offer deep cleaning and polishing of your car’s interior and exterior.

According to experts, to keep your car in a good state, it must be valeted at least thrice annually. The frequency of seeking the service entirely depends on the usage of the car and your care regarding your vehicle.

It saves you from the hassle of investing your time in extensive cleaning and helps restore the car’s original pristine state. Additionally, it assists in maintaining the car’s quality and protects it from potential damages and costly repairs.

What Does Car Valet Service Include?

Car valet includes all-inclusive services using an arsenal of premium techniques and equipment to prevent smudges and dust built-ups, rejuvenating your vehicle. It can be divided into several categories as per the service package you choose. Typically, there are exterior, interior, mini-valet, and full-car valet packages.

The exterior package just deals with the car’s external body and paint. The interior valet services deal with everything from upholstery to the steering wheel. While mini-valet is the combination of predominantly interior valet services and some exterior valet services.

On the other hand, a full car valet includes deep cleaning every part of your car.

Here is a brief overview of different car valet packages and what they exactly include:

Interior Valet Packages

  • Vacuum & dusting
  • Door jamb detailing
  • Cleaning interior windows
  • Interior detailing
  • Cleaning rubber
  • Cleaning dash & console
  • Cleaning door panels
  • Cleaning mats
  • Interior surface treated with a UV protection coating
  • Carpet & upholstery shampooing
  • Leather seats deep clean
  • Sanitisation
  • Odour removal

Exterior Valet Packages

  • Pressure wash & dry exterior work
  • Body clay
  • Machine cut & polish
  • Exterior wax
  • Cleaning exterior windows
  • Dressing tyres
  • Clean wheels, arches, & bumpers
  • Cleaning exterior mirrors
  • Cleaning door shuts

Mini-Valet Packages

  • Wash and dry wheels
  • Cleaning and polishing bodywork
  • Vacuum interior seats and carpets
  • Dusting and cleaning the dashboard and trim
  • Cleaning interior and exterior glass

Full Car Valet Packages

  • Comprehensive exterior and interior cleaning
  • Cleaning and polishing bodywork
  • Cleaning wheels, trims and bumpers
  • Interior vacuuming
  • Cleaning upholstery and carpets
  • Dressing plastic trims and door rubbers
  • Thorough cleaning of convertible roof
  • Application of convertible roof protector
  • Exterior paintwork

Premium Valet Packages

  • Enhanced exterior and interior cleaning
  • Ceramic-based liquid polish for water repellency
  • Wiping of interior panels
  • Cleaning of internal windows
  • Removal of tar deposits
  • Paintwork contamination removal.
  • Application of premium wax for a glossy finish
  • Cleaning and dressing of leather seats and plastic surfaces

Benefits of Car Valet Services

Here are some comprehensive benefits of investing in car valet services:

Time Efficient: Professional car valets are equipped with advanced tools and techniques, allowing them to expedite the cleaning process effectively, saving you valuable time.

Enhanced Resale Value: A well-maintained car attracts potential buyers and can command a higher selling price, making your investment in valet services pay off when it’s time to sell.

Longevity and Durability: Regular car valeting removes dirt build-ups that can accelerate wear and tear. This not only keeps your car looking good but also helps prevent costly repairs by improving its longevity.

Peace of Mind: Entrusting your car to experts assures you that it’s in safe hands. These professionals use specialised tools and techniques to ensure your vehicle’s safety while delivering optimal results.

Environment-friendly:  Many reputable car valet companies use biodegradable products and employ energy and water-efficient methods, making car valet an sustainable solution.

Odour Elimination: Continuous use and poor ventilation can lead to unpleasant odors in your car. Car valeting services include odor elimination techniques to ensure your vehicle smells fresh and clean.

Cost of Full Car Valet Service in the UK in 2024

The cost of car valet services varies from car size, specifications, demanded services, the company you are hiring, and other factors. However, in the UK in 2024, you can expect an average cost range of £90 – £150 for medium-car.

Time required for Full Car Valet

The time required for car valeting depends on several key factors including the type of package you choose, the condition of your car, and the efficiency of your contractor. Here is an estimated time for the following services:

  • Exterior Valet: 1 hour
  • Interior Valet: 1 hour
  • Mini-Valet: 1.5 hours
  • Full Valet: 2-5 hours

Concluding Remarks

Whether you want to maintain your car or are aiming to sell it, investing in car valet services is always a smart investment saving you costs in the long run. Connect with the local experts!